Thursday – Llyn Peninsula

During the night the wind has become real fierce. OK, it is always windy here but that now is extraordinary. The wind pushes black clouds from the North into our direction. We better take our rain jackets with us on our trip today. It works – when we arrive at our first destination the sun shines again brightly.

Today we eventually go to see more of Llyn peninsula, we make a loop trip around the area that Gernot pointed out as location for our second holiday week. First stop is in the town of Criccieth where we visit the rests of the castle with the same name. Surely there are more impressive ruins but the multimedia exhibition belonging to the castle is really great. We have a lot of fun watching an animated film showing life in Wales in the 12th century, based on the chronicle of a monk of that time. 

In the ruins I get to know John from Liverpool. We talk for quite a while. As he hears that I am from Germany he at once starts with Hitler. Somehow a lot of Britons still reduce “German” to that topic. What have I got to do with Hitler? I have not at all got the desire to apologize for anything. After a while John asserts himself that today not all Germans still are as AH anymore.

Afterwards we take the coastal road leading to the tip of Llyn. We have a short break in Pwllheli; we find a car park without pay and display in the center of the town. In vain – the town does not seem appealing to us. In Pwllheli you go for the daily shopping, but that’s it, no reason to stay longer. We just buy a little snack and leave towards Aberdaron.

It is not at all easy to get there – road works! No matter which way we take they always blocked the road but we do not give up. Finding the smallest of all small roads winding along between high hedgerows we sometime finally reach our destination. Aberdaron is a nice little town with cosy pub, cafés and even some small shops. Besides you can also lie on the sandy beach and have a bath in the sea.

After a short snack break on the beach we take a walk over the cliffs down to the next bay and then back along the water. Taking the road along the Northern coast of the peninsula we get back to our cottage.