Saturday – Going home

Packing our bags, cleaning up everything, holidays are over – what a pity! We have a last cup of tea with the nice Australians in the main house. We may use the computer and the printer to check in online. This reduces my stress factor, after all we are facing a three hours drive and I am always afraid to be late.

The route leads once again through the beautiful mountains of Snowdonia and encourages us to come back here. With constant looks on the petrol meter (we are supposed to return the car empty, but will the petrol last until the very end?) we at once find everything in Birmingham. Another few hours to wait now and then the flight home, and Germany will have us back.

In Wales you can really relax and at the moment – one day after our journey – I am still totally laid-back. It was good to write the diary promptly! I think I will go online now to look for cottages for our next trip …