Tuesday – Chocolate and cliffs

In one of the information leaflets in our cottage we found an advertisement of a chocolate factory – the ideal trip for the chocoholic of us two. And it is great for today as it keeps on raining longer as the days before. Besides us there are no other visitors, we may try anything ourselves.

Gernot is taught how to make pralines – I am sure this is nothing every tourist in Wales does. No, honestly: It really is an informative amusement, and the chocolate from Wickedly Welsh tastes gorgeous, everything handmade. Of course we fill up our chocolate stock for the next days accordingly.

When we leave the chocolate factory the sun finally won against the rain. Sure, here there are always clouds and also more or less fierce rain showers from time to time, but that’s the weather on the coast. We always keep our rain jackets with us.

By car we go up to Abercastle Northwest from Mathry. It is a good starting point for the Pembrokeshire Coast Path, you can make wonderful walks in both directions, a beautiful section of the Welsh coast. We start towards the South. In some places even I feel uncomfortable with the track leading very close to the cliffs edge.

Inspite of his acrophobia Gernot really does well, he concentrates on taking a lot of great photos. He makes a snapshot of a bird we didn’t know so far, later we find the bird in the internet, it’s a stonechat. The bird makes a typical noise, on our excursion the next day we at once identify the sound.

Unfortunately my tooth aches again heavily so we already have to return to the car after walking for 45 minutes. In exactly the moment we reach our cottage the rain starts again. Our decision to go back wasn’t that bad at all.

We brought our good old GB road map with us. Luckily. The signposting is quiet good but most of the time here in Wales they put the Welsh names first, and we are not able to decode this language as fast as we need to. Besides most of the streets, especially the smaller ones, run between high hedges so you also cannot see where you are.