Sydney – Launceston

On the 2nd of January we at last start towards the actual destination of our journey at this end of the world, Tasmania. A two hours flight brings us from Sydney to Launceston. There we have to wait again – our tour bus is there but unfortunately without the cooler and without any possible travel documents for the coming round trip. From here on our guide every day has to improvise and reorganize.

  • Launceston - Bicheno
  • Bicheno- Freycinet National Park
  • Bicheno - Richmond - Hobart
  • Hobart
  • Mount Hartz National Park
  • Port Arthur

Our first night in Tasmania we stay in Bicheno on the East coast. A gorgeous beach extends endlessly in both directions. Before we reach our lodge we visit a wildlife park where we see our first Tasmanian Devils in full size. Even the youngsters already got very impressive jaws.

Our logde is located beautifully. Together with the travelling group we have a delicious dinner. In the dusk afterwards we go down to the beach again to maybe watch some or the other penguin. Only a very small one climbs up the rocks and is really shocked as it sees the masses of people around him. A long walk completes this eventful day.