Rainy day

Rain. From morning to night. Gentle drizzle changes to heavy rain to storm-battered loads of water coming down. We not at all feel like going outside. Well, you don’t have to every day, besides we feel bloody good here in “The Croft”. The cottage is furnished affectionately, it’s cosy with harmonic colours, the beds are made each day, the bathroom is being cleaned, even the cups and glasses we used have been washed and there are fresh towels daily. The bathroom is gorgeous, I love it! A huge shower seduces to extensive pleasures beneath. What more could you want? Jane is very nice and interested, she spends some time with us at breakfast every morning.

My favourite place to rest in the cottage is the cushioned bank beneath the big picture window. Here I sit all day reading or stitching or just looking outside, across the sheep meadow down to the lake and to the mountains rising behind it. Gernot can complete some work on his computer – pure relaxing! At night we have a delicious dinner in an Italian restaurant in Te Anau, and afterwards we go shopping. All in all I have by now brought every possible souvenir, but maybe …. ?! There are still some towns to visit.


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