Kaka Point

Today again is another day to just relax and reprocess all the impressions of the last few days. Rain. If it rains here in New Zealand it really does. We don’t mind though, it is a good reason for staying at home. Making excursions every single day is not worth it, it’s far too stressful. Our journey is not about marking off as many spots as possible. We prefer not to rush but to really enjoy every single trip. Besides I need some time to write in my diary.

In the afternoon the sun comes out a bit. We take the chance for a walk on the beach just below the village. If you stroll along a beach you often don’t really imagine how far you already came because everything somehow looks the same. Kaka Point drags on along the coast but we indeed manage to walk all the way out of town. And look, we are rewarded: On the beach just outside the inhabited area though still visited by beach walkers with and without horses a male sea lion curls up beside a tree trunk. Unfortunately there are some idiots trying to provoke the animal to get a spectacular picture. I would like the sea lion to really sprint and just knock over the urchin jumping up and down too close in front of him. It rather makes the impression of “up yours!”


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