As the cruise on the River Gordon starts not until the afternoon we spend the morning on an excursion to the Henty Dunes, a whole line of huge sand dunes 30 meters high, about 14km from Strahan. Finally the opportunity to take on our flip-flops we so far misused as slippers. 

Regretfully the dunes are not only very high but they also stretch endlessly, Gernot is reminded of the sand planet in “Star Wars”. The others indeed decide to fight themselves through to the beach, Gernot and I prefer a protected spot for a recreative sun bath. After two hours our fellow travellers come back by and by. They didn’t even get close to the actual beach. Our decision seems to have been the better one.

Highlight of the day is of course the cruise on the River Gordon including a generous buffet on board. The River Gordon arises in the Northeast of the Franklin-Gordon-Wild-Rivers National Park and after 172km flows into a large bay called Macquarie Harbour. Our boat steers across the bay to the lighthouse at the narrow passage called “Hells Gate” and through this passage into the Indian Ocean. Very dangerous tidal currents have caused quite a lot of shipwrecks so far.

Afterwards the tour leads up the actual River Gordon. We stop from time to time and are allowed to come off the boat for a short walk, on a former prison island or along a coastal loop track through the rain forest. This afternoon nobody bustles us, I sense this excursion as downright relaxing, not least the surrounding nature has got an appeasing effect. Sky and trees reflect in the water, the colors are beautiful. Should I ever come back to Tasmania I will certainly go on this trip again.