Going to Hobart

After spending another night in Bicheno our time here already comes to an end again. Today we go on to Hobart, of course we use the way for more sightseeing stops. The first time to climb out of the bus is at the so-called Spike Bridge south of Swansea. This bridge has been built in 1843 out of cobblestones, without using any mortar or cement, the stones lie loosely one on the other. The stones standing upright look like spikes and are supposed to prevent the cattle from falling down.

We make a detour to Richmond for lunch, little England like from the picture book. The town has got nice cafés and shops to stroll. The Richmond Bridge in the center is very impressive. It was built between 1823 and 1825 and is said to be the oldest stone bridge in Australia. The Saint John church in Richmond is the oldest church of the continent.

On our arrival in Hobart we check in at the Astor Hotel, a private accommodation which has got nothing to do with the glamorous houses of the hotel chain with the same name. The hotel is situated conveniently in the center of Hobart. The landlady is very cordially and of course there are tea and coffee making facilities in our room.

In the afternoon we use the good weather to make a tour up Mount Wellington, Hobart’s local mountain. Most time of the year Mount Wellington wraps itself in thick clouds. We are lucky again and may use the sunny phase for stunning views across Hobart and the river Derwent. Unfortunately after a short while the clouds come back and in an instant it gets quite cold. Later on Gernot and I make an evening walk to Salamanca Market where we find a Greek restaurant and have a delicious dinner.