Little masterpieces

The stitching fever grabbed me again and again for many years now. I produced a whole slew of pictures and table-cloth. If I lack time I tend to take finished packs. Some of my masterpieces are still in use; those who turned out to be less beautiful or were subdued to prevailing taste already disappeared again. I only wish I had bought the digital camera earlier!

Smaller embroideries are always a good gift - little pictures or stitched greeting cards give a personal touch to the present. This is only for people dear to my heart though.

Here is a selection from my works.

Butterflies, doily about 30x30cm

Hedgehog with leaves, tea-cloth 80x80cm

Flowers, tea-cloth 80x80cm

Pumpkins, doily about 50x50cm

Poppies, tea-cloth about 60x60cm

Village in snow, tea-cloth about 85x85cm

Tulips; doily about 40x90cm

Christmas motives, doily about 40x80cm.

A lot of people no longer know what they are, I still got some: "Überhandtücher". They embellish an old, simply built white kitchen shelf I cherish - it was once made by my granddad many years ago.

One for summertime …

… and one for winter.

Classic style tapestry. This picture I already stitched in early 1982, and meanwhile it is everything but fashionable. Nevertheless it is still hanging on the wall and embelleshing the entrance hall.