Into the wildness

After two nights in Strahan today we start the last stage of our journey across Tasmania, towards the Cradle Mountain National Park. We hope to finally see some of the typical animal representatives of the continent.

On our way there we – what else – stop again for a walk to the Montezuma Waterfalls. I am just not as fit and quick as the others, it does not take very long and we are again the last ones in the walking group. I don’t mind, at least no chitchat disturbs the marvellous silence of the rain forest. Besides we also reach the waterfall at slow pace.

As the others are having a picnic when we get there we are the first who dare to cross the narrow rope bridge. It is another challenge for Gernot because of his acrophobia. Our fellow travellers cheer him and he manages it confidently. Just behind the bridge there’s the sign that tells us the path stops here – as well as the interesting information that no more than two adults should step on the bridge at the same time. 

Great, this information would make much more sense on the other side. Well, the bridge is able to carry four adults at a single blow.

Gernot and I speedily return to the bus before the others to be able to enjoy the forest for a last time. Eventually I feel like singing, nature inspires me to a gospel. Gernot behind me inconspicuously films with his camera, me walking through the rain forest singing the “Agnus Dei”.