There and back again

We flew from Munich to Edinburgh on a Friday. And my goodness - EasyJet used to be a lot cheaper in the past! 38€ extra per 44lb of luggage. Fortunately, with two people for one week, we only had to check in one single bag. While all the souvenirs had to go into the carry-on baggage… On the plane I even refrained from using the lavatory - being afraid that I might have to pay extra for that, too.

There’s also ways to save money of course, for example by not using the “speedy boarding” option. Since there is no fixed seating with this airline, there’s always a huge hustle. People rushing for window seats, couples, insisting on being seated together. Speedy boarding allows you to escape this struggle as you get to board before everyone else (for an extra fee, naturally). Or rather, it is supposed to. In Munich however, even though you get through the gate first, everybody ended up in the same bus - driving to the plane and boarding together. In fact, the speedy boarders got to leave the bus last, forfeiting their expensive perk

Unfortunately there’s only one plane route to Edinburgh and the plane leaves in the afternoon. So naturally we preferred to spend the night in town, tackling the long road to Skye the next morning.

I never figured out the reason but there must have been some huge event in Edinburgh that day, because we ran into trouble finding a room for the night. Eventually we got lucky with the Airport Premier Inn. Which at the time was completely new and I can absolutely recommend it. I remember being particularly fond of the cordial room service.

After we finished breakfast on Saturday, we headed out with a rental car. There aren’t many roads leading into the Highlands. To get there we chose the route over Stirling - and its favourably positioned Aldi - to pick up supplies for the week. Continue on the A84 and A85 to Crianlarich, from there via the A82 to Fort William and then to the Kyle of Lochalsh. We decided to use the bridge again. Alternatively you may choose to take the ferry between Mallaig and Armadale. But despite reading about a toll we never had to pay for the bridge anyway.

We started the way back a week later, at only half past four before dawn. Estimated travel time to Edinburgh: Five hours. Which, after a week of practicing driving on the left hand side was a non-issue. What we were not used to was driving in complete and utter darkness. And it is a gloomy night on Skye, with hardly any larger cities and lights. Overall, we dodged two rabbits, three mice, a fox and a deer. But made it to the airport in time, regardless.