3rd January 2011
The next morning the group starts an excursion to some of the most beautiful spots around Bicheno. Our first destination of course is the so-called Wineglass Bay in the Freycinet National Park, one of the most popular photo motives in Tasmania. We are very lucky with the weather, there’s a bright blue sky above. Even our guide is enthusiastic; it’s his fourth trip to this gorgeous bay but for the first time now the sun shines. The air in Tasmania is so clean and pure, the colors of nature are coming to our mind even more intensively. Gernot and I enjoy a lunch break at a beach opposite the bay.

Our way back to the lodge leads along the coast and we stop at several outstanding scenic places. We watch the breakwater in the Devil’s Blowhole and admire the colorful rocks of Bicheno. After one whole day outside Gernot and I have now got a nice suntan.