The day does not begin promising. Though the sun shines into our room somehow everything goes wrong. Unerringly I put the detergent into the wrong box of the washing machine and trying to get it out again I still even worsen the chaos. Gernot burns the toast so the fire detector sounds an alarm with a disgusting beep and may only be stopped by demounting it. The camera says goodbye in the middle of shooting a film – battery is empty, back to the start. Yesterday at night we forgot to switch off the cars lights. In the end we notice we left the two electrical adapters in Masterton.

It can only get better! OK, it’s our holiday, so let’s try to make the best out of it – let’s think positive. I succeed in reassembling the fire detector to the ceiling. Breakfast is fine without the burnt toast. The laundry dries very fast and without making a detour over the ironing board (Did I already mention it? We’re on holiday!) goes back to the cupboard. The car starts up at once and the first shop we enter offers a variety of electrical adapters. Maybe it was best if we stuck a notice to the rear mirror: “Adapter!”

Speaking of shops: There aren’t really many shops here in the Golden Bay. Actually you only find some in the small town of Takaka. It has got a real nice little shopping mile we conquer at once today. You would not believe it: The day is suddenly becoming successful. We find a German bakery and buy real, good German wholemeal bread. Delicious!

We spend a cosy afternoon in Parapara, including a long walk on the beach. We are fine!

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