Monday – Beaumaris

Today we feel like making another excursion. Here in the North of Wales there are more and manifold possible destinations to visit. Example: Castles. Edward I. had erected a whole chain of castles; the testimonials of his efforts have reached different stages of decay until present days, you can visit them all. We decide to go to Anglesey on the Isle of Môn. In Beaumaris we visit the castle with the same name, quite well preserved with its outer walls and inner buildings. You can of course place Beaumaris Castle into the category “ruin” though we prowl around chambers and chapel, spiral stair cases and battlements for nearly two hours. The old chapel has got fantastic acoustics, I have to sing two gospels loudly. I don’t mind at all if other people look baffled.  

We originally had paid and displayed for two hours in the car park, Gernot now quickly runs back to extend the validity of our ticket. Beaumaris is a pretty little town to stroll, with cafés and small shops. And I discover a real treasure. In a shop selling decorative things I find lots and lots of beanies. The sister of the young man behind the counter has to disperse her collection due to a lack of space and I at once use the opportunity for some amazing bargains. Well, what people bring back as a souvenir from their holidays! 

On our way back we stop in the town with the longest name in Wales, starts with Llanfair and ends on gogogoch, there are still scores of syllables in between. Who in the world conceives of such names?