New Year’s Eve

On this last day of the year we are up very early. After an opulent breakfast in our hotel we follow a hint of our guide and start early for a trip to the Botanical Garden. There you are supposed to see flying foxes this time of the day what actually interests us more than all the preparations for the party tonight. And they are already in full swing. Streets are being blocked, if you manage to pass then only on foot.

We are lucky, you are still allowed to enter the Botanical Garden at eight o’clock in the morning. I would love to copy the official sign at the entrance to put it up in every German park. I like the attitude of Australians as well as their humor.

Walking across the soft lawn is a benefaction for my aching feet. Sitting on a bank I phone my son back home in Germany and may report live about the strange bird flying directly towards the tree behind us. The gaze follows the bird up into the tree – behold: It’s not a bird at all. We sit underneath a colony of flying foxes. Now we are finally awake. There are so many things to see, amongst others indeed birds we only know from TV or birds parks.

Following our love for the animal attractions of the 5th continent we purchase a combined ticket for Sea Life, Wild Life, Sea Life in Manly. Today we start with the “Wildlife Sydney Zoo” in Darling Harbour. Here you can see the typical Australians – echidnas, platypusses, koala bears, kangaroos, the “laughing jackass” … Unfortunately we don’t have that much time, we urgently need to rest before the party starts tonight.

Again following a hint of our guide we go to Darling Harbour for the first fireworks at nine p.m. It is so crowded! A lot of people already started very early in the morning to secure themselves places with the best views to the fireworks. After the first fireworks though a lot of locals with smaller children go home. In the middle of this fluctuation we succeed to find two seats directly at the inner harbour. Now of course we also wait for the actual New Year’s Eve fireworks at midnight. And it is worth it. Party everywhere – Happy New Year!