In one sentence

Please take the danger signs for falling rocks seriously, behind any turn the road may be blocked or even broken away.

You shoud always have insect repellent with you.

Next time I won’t take all this remedies with me, you can buy paracetamal, plasters, pills against diarrhea or a sore throat in the supermarket.

The route from North to South is great, we always follow the blooming.

I love the service in New Zealand: Waiters or till girls always seem to be sincerely enthusiastic to serve us.

It was a good idea to bring our laptop, it enables us to investigate current things or book trips at short-term.

Never again lemonade in gaudy colours, it tastes disgustingly.

Next time I will spend more money for accommodation, you may be quiet unlucky with cheap offers.

Never underestimate the distances to drive!

Joghurt in New Zealand tastes great.

Public toilets are everywhere and easily to find, and normally they are very clean.

Kiwis are cool!

Tall tourists may have problems in New Zealand taking a shower as the shower heads are firmly installed in most cases and so low that even I sometimes had to lean forward to get the shampoo out of my hair.

It is always windy in New Zealand; if it is not it’s likely to rain.

Mowing the lawn seems to be a favourite hobby of New Zealanders because all green areas are unbelievably neat, even the grass verge beside the roads in secluded regions; you often see someone sitting on a mower circling round.

Sheet, thin quilt, woollen blanket, another sheet, plaid – I will never get used to all these layers on the bed.

In the last days before Christmas the employees in the supermarkets are wearing Christmas headdresses (St. Nicholas- or Christmas elves bonnets, reindeer antlers, other whimsical hats in green, red and silver) – we should introduce that here in Germany as well!

To watch birds you need a lot of patience, to take photos of them you need a better camera.