Getting down under

I have always wanted to visit Tasmania. Far away, few people, beautiful nature, animals totally different from the ones over here, rain forest and beaches. To be able to book this trip for a honeymoon – what more could you long for?

By chance Gernot found the offer at Wikinger. Due to his membership in the Wikinger pack-of-ten-club he gets appropriate benefits so we booked this guided group tour, for me it was the first time again since Egypt 1993.

Disadvantage of the flat-rate booking: The flight is from Frankfurt so we first have to take the train from Munich to get to Frankfurt airport. This is not that bad on the forward run because you are nervous and eager to start the journey. When you return you just want to get home, the extra hours stretch like chewing gum.

Although we arrive at Frankfurt airport some hours before take-off the queue at the check-in counter is considerable. We are lucky to get very good seats on the plane. Now you already see the first bags with “Wikinger” labels on them. We wonder whether these folks have all booked the same tour as we did.

The flight is via Singapore, arrival in Sydney half past eight in the morning, local time. Absolutely knocked out we nevertheless succeed in finding the guide at once. Now the group comes together, 15 people all in all we will be travelling with for the coming fortnight.