Sunday – Aber Mawr

First we sleep in, afterwards an ample breakfast. OK, we already had a wider selection. We still have two sodden sandwiches with chicken salad from a short break yesterday, and then of course the Welsh cakes. We brought some whole-grain bread and soft cheese with us from Germany. To be sure: The first point on our agenda for today is a trip to the supermarket, we urgently need a change in our menu.

We cannot find the ALDI store, but Morrison’s fine as well. We are pleasantly surprised, since our last visit to the British Isles the assortment in the supermarket has definitely improved. They already always had a variety of delicious cheese, but beside from the ham cut into flimsy slices to use for sandwiches we now also find totally different sorts of sausage in the fridge. After our frugal breakfast – hm, what shall we buy?

Back in our cottage we finally meet our landlady. Mrs. Walker has got a lot of tips for walks in the closer area. After we stowed away our pickings from the supermarket we start for our first excursion. It takes us three attempts to find the recommended track but it’s worth the tries. It leads through a little forest, along a marsh with blooming lilies, and finally we come to a beautiful bay, Aber Mawr. There aren’t any tourists here, only local people, most of them with their dogs. The animals are having a lot of fun in the water.

The whole morning it has been very windy. That’s the weather on the coast but on the other hand the wind chases away the rain clouds. The bay itself is calm and sunny, much too warm to wear a jacket. We don’t follow the round track back to the car at once but make a detour up the cliffs towards the South.

The narrow path up is two feet wide at the most, vegetation grows high above my head. So we are not able to see how high we actually have to climb. If I had known before maybe I wouldn’t have taken this path at all. Now we make a beautiful walk on top of the cliffs with stunning views along the Welsh coast.

After a shower and an excellent dinner we end the day with a good book in front of the electrical fire.