Wednesday – Newport and Mynydd Carningli

Actually we had planned a trip into the Iron Age for today. There are some interesting places to visit throughout Preseli Hills, stone circles and a rebuilt settlement. Somehow we are not really willing to drive so far so we get stuck in Newport.

Newport is located directly on the coast, in the middle of Mynydd Preseli national park, and can be recommended as a starting point for some beautiful walks. You can take the Pembrokeshire Coast Path or take a walk along the River Nevern. Besides you can visit a Neolithic dolmen called Carreg Coetan. It is not easy to find, we make a long detour. When we finally arrive we understand why our guidebook describes it as “cute”. Carreg Coetan is a very small dolmen. Must have been a little giant I suppose. 

Afterwards we bravely decide to take a walk up to the heath, we want to climb Mynydd Carningli, a dead volcano. Brave for me, I got some difficulties going uphill. Again we follow a tip from our guidebook and take the road West of the castle up into the hills, Mill Lane. At first the route leads through a forest, than we leave the trees behind us. There are only few houses so high above the town, the “road” ends with the last cottage.

There are no signposts anymore. We see the rocks we want to reach, high above, and sometimes a human silhouette can be seen on the top. So obviously there has to be a way up there, unfortunately not a good one on this side. We struggle criss-cross through the moor. Sometimes there seem to be fragments of a path, but each time we just come to a sheep track trailing away in the vegetation. Or in the bog.

Passing a flock of wild horses and climbing up a dry stream we at last reach the large rocks on the ridge of Mynydd Carningli. I have now come so far I will also succeed in going up the rest of the way. Yieppieh!

Stunning views from up there, all around the area, and an astonishing good radio reception. I call my son back home in Germany to tell him live from where I am this very moment what I did. His enthusiasm is limited. I cannot at all understand why.

We have only got a short moment alone on the peak. Suddenly two other walkers appear behind us. They climbed up Mynydd Carningli from the other side, there is a real track. Going down is faster as you can better plan which sheep trail to take. Besides we now already know where to avoid muddy spots.

Back in Newport we reward ourselves with a little snack. I try Welsh Cawl, a delicious stew, Gernot takes a typical Welsh Greek Salad. Well. Bread and Cheese belonging to it are great though.

Back in the cottage I notice how the sun burnt my head and neck. You tend to underestimate the danger due to the clouds and the wind. Tomorrow I will in any case wear my hat, it is supposed to be a sunny day.