Holidays are over

27th of December, our way home. We start at a quarter past eight in the morning, at first we return our rental car, no complaints. A shuttle bus takes us with all our five bags directly to the terminal intrance, check-in is completed very fast. Now there are 2 ½ hours left until take-off, 10 hours to Singapore, another 5 ½ hours stopover and then again 11 hours from Singapore to Munich.

This last diary entry I write at Singapore Airport, I have to record my ideas now, and besides there aren’t many things to do while waiting for the connecting flight. Gernot changes NZ dollar to Singapore dollar to buy a book about trading – business center Singapore indeed! I manage to reach my parents at first attempt, they will pick us up at Munich Airport tomorrow morning at 5:10 a.m., they insist on doing so.

We have now been on the road for five weeks, drove 5.750 km all in all, stayed in eleven different accommodations from one to five nights at one place. We had uncountable adrenaline rushs, especially each time we were confronted with the fact of how beautiful the surrounding nature is. We met a lot of very friendly people, some of them we might keep up the contact with. We saw a lot of different landscapes, learnt much about plants and animals and the history of New Zealand. The sun burnt us and we were bitten by sand flies. Costs: Doesn’t matter. We’ll come back, the yearning remains.